The Developer's "By-Right" Plan Detail

The developer’s “by-right” plan includes a 6-level underground parking garage under the current site of Warby Parker – that’s a 60+ foot hole in the ground on a site that’s smaller than 5 typical single family lots in our neighborhood. 

There’s a reason that 6-level underground parking lots do NOT exist anywhere in Texas except under skyscrapers – they are NOT economically feasible. Not even close.

Yet this developer takes all of the fictional underground parking spaces in his fictional 6-level below ground parking garage to create 41,000 square feet of fictional bars. THIS is how he comes up with the majority of his fictional “by-right” 6,100 cars per day.

Don't believe it? Go to the Downloads section of this website to see the details.

In every zoning case, it is good practice to compare “by-right” zoning to the proposed new zoning. However, we must draw the line somewhere on what is economically feasible, and a 6-level underground parking garage to threaten the neighborhood with 43,750 SF of new bars and restaurants is not practical or remotely economically feasible. If we are to accept this developer's "by-right" plan, what would stop the next developer from using a 7-level underground parking lot to justify his/her request in a residential neighborhood? Or an 8-level underground garage?  

Download Additional Detail

Henderson Fictional by-right 6100 cars per day - Detail (pdf)