Don’t Believe the Pretty Pictures

The new Henderson Avenue development in Dallas is unsafe for pedestrians & will increase Henderson traffic by 48%

A Developer wants to "compromise" and build over 156,000 square feet of office, retail, and restaurant/bar space on shabby vacant lots on lower Henderson Avenue between McMillian and Glencoe. On the surface the plan looks great – very pretty buildings sitting on top of a 525 space underground parking garage, 50 surface parking spaces, happy people eating/working/playing along Henderson and a tag line of “We don’t need more apartments.” But when you look just a little closer, you’ll see that Henderson Avenue cannot support the extra 5,500+ cars/day that this site will generate, resulting in thousands of cars cutting through the heart of our neighborhood on McMillian, Glencoe, and Homer. You’ll also see an extremely unsafe environment for pedestrians because 100% of these extra cars must cross the sidewalk to enter and exit the proposed development. 

This website outlines the dirty details that the Developer doesn’t want you to know. 

What they don't want you to know

Henderson Traffic will Increase 48%

Following the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) national standards, the Developer's latest "compromise" and his own traffic study says that they will add 5,500+ cars/day to the existing 11,500+ cars/day on Henderson between Ross and Belmont - a 48% increase. 

When Henderson gridlocks, thousands of cars/week will cut through our neighborhood

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Click on the Map for more detail.

Pedestrians will NOT be safe on this sidewalk

All 5,500+ cars/day entering & exiting this site must cross the sidewalk. This is NOT the “Safe-walkable, pedestrian friendly, new urban environment” that has been promised by the Developer. In fact, the Developer's Traffic Study completely ignores this issue. 

Click on the pedestrian target for more detail.

Developer Speak (i.e., The fiction)

"We can add over 6100 cars/day "by-right""

Fact: The Developer's "by-right" plan is pure economic fiction. It includes a 6-level underground parking garage (a 60+ foot hole in the ground!) under the current site of Warby Parker. 

Click the parking garage death spiral for more detail.

"We have all of the residents' support"

Fact: No they don't.  Half of their support is from developers and real estate LLCs & companies who do NOT live here

Click the map to see the real picture.

"This development only affects this small section of Henderson"

FACT: This development is part of a Planned District that runs the entire length of Henderson, from 75 Central to Ross. This over-sized development adversely affects every neighborhood from Ross Avenue to 75 Central Expressway. 

Click the graphic for more detail.

"No more bars - just restaurants"

Fact: High Fives is a restaurant. Henderson Tap House is a restaurant. Lekka was a restaurant. This Developer owns those properties and now he points them at neighbors like a loaded a gun and threatens us with more of the same if he doesn't get what he wants.

"We don't need more apartments"

Fact: ALL of us agree with this! But current zoning only allows 105 apartment units at this location.  That would add around 700 cars/day to Henderson, NOT the 5,500 cars/day (a 685% increase!) that this Developer will add with his plan. 

Click the hideous apartment pic to see the smaller-scaled apartments already built on Henderson.

"Real-world traffic is just 3,554 cars/day"

Fact: The Developer wants you to ignore the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) national standards and go with his fictional "observed" traffic counts. 

Click on the ITE logo above to find out more and see the ITE cake!

The Developer already owns all of the commercial properties shown here in yellow.

The Developer already owns commercial properties up and down Henderson that he can build on today without any zoning change. All of these commercial properties are at minimum 1/2 of the by-right use... the Developer can put the parking lot underground and more than double the building sizes.  So we must take the future allowed "by-right" commercial growth of Henderson into consideration as well. 

The Developer's quotes in the Dallas Morning News signal his intention of making Henderson a regional, if not national, destination: 

Masinter, who has also played a significant role on Knox Street, sees major potential in the area. He said he bought the property so he could continue to shape the corridor.  "Honestly, Knox-Henderson has the potential to be one of the greatest districts not only in this region, but anywhere in the country," he said. "The trajectory of Knox-Henderson is just fantastic." - Dallas Morning News, December 26th, 2017.  

To conclude, the current proposed "compromise" development is still just the tip of the iceberg and the proverbial "camel's nose under the tent." All of the points made on this website must be taken into account - and solved for - before any decision or compromise can be made.

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