Pedestrian Russian Roulette

Woe to the Pedestrians - they will NOT be safe on this sidewalk

All of the attention has been focused on getting cars into the site, NOT getting them out of the site. Here is the scenario that has been completely ignored:

1. ALL 5,500+ cars entering and exiting the site MUST cross the sidewalk.

2. When HENDERSON GRIDLOCK occurs, cars will stack up in the site trying to exit and drivers will become impatient with the wait time.

3. Impatient drivers and pedestrians DO NOT MIX.

4. Drivers entering AND existing the site will have to dart through slight openings, thus crossing the sidewalk in an unsafe manner.

It does not matter if there are 4,000 or 5,500 or 7,000 cars/day crossing this sidewalk - it is UNSAFE.  


This is NOT the “Safe-walkable, pedestrian friendly, new urban environment” that has been promised by the Developer. In fact, his Traffic Study completely ignores this issue.