One Can't "Compromise" on something they Took without Asking

74% of the proposed commercial development is on residential land

If we take $1000 from your pocket and then offer you $100 back, is that a compromise? We think not.

The Developer has done something similar. He takes 3.25 acres of residential land and combines it with a mere 1.2 acres if his commercial land. Then he proposes 52-foot-tall buildings and 190,000 square feet of commercial development on the total 4.5 acres. Now he proposes a “compromise” by reducing some of the height and reducing the total square footage to 165,000 square feet. 

Is this really a compromise?  We think not. The Developer’s residential land was never his to take to the commercial side. Therefore, he can’t now “compromise” on something that was never his from the start. 

Any "compromise" should not start with height, or density or the number of parking spaces  - it must start with the USE change.

The Developer's latest "compromise" to reduce square footage is a moot point

The Developer's latest "compromise" to reduce the total square footage from 190,000 to 156,364 SF is a moot point because:

1. Pedestrians are still unsafe. The “compromise” still generates 5,500+ cars/day and 100% of these cars must cross the sidewalk to enter and exit the site. (Link)

2. Henderson traffic is still increased past its capacity because the 5,500+ cars/day is a 48% increase in Henderson traffic.  (Link)

3. When Henderson becomes gridlocked at Capital & Belmont, cars will still escape by cutting through our neighborhood. (Link)

Who's the one spreading "misinformation?"

The Developer should look into the mirror to see who is twisting the facts and saying things that aren’t true. The Developer is quoted in the Lakewood Advocate on march 28th stating that this website,, “…is misinformation.”  The article goes on to state: "The latest compromise includes a 165,000-square-foot plan, about a 13 percent reduction in size. The parking originally included 822 spaces with 754 in an underground garage; the latest plan features 46 surface spaces and 588 in the underground garage. This is a 28 percent reduction in parking." Then a quote from the Developer: “I am all for civil discourse and to be able to disagree respectively,” Masinter says. “But do it based on facts. Don’t do it on things that aren’t true.” 

Act Now - or else Your Neighborhood will be Next

Do you see the game of fiction and deceit that this Developer is playing?  We do and it’s got to stop before any type of reasonable compromise can occur. If the Developer gets away with this, you can bet developers in your neighborhood and council district will follow the same path to get whatever they want. This is a city-wide issue. Therefore, we call on all neighborhood leaders across the City of Dallas to ask their elected City Council member to cast his/her vote for DENIAL.