Voice Your Opposition

City Council Hearing Date: Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

The time to act is NOW - the city council hearing is WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11th. There are two great ways to voice your opposition to this project: Send an email to City Council and/or attend the public hearing at City Hall at 1pm on Wednesday, March 28th. 

Email Format

A detailed, well thought out email is great, but many don't have the time for that!  Here's the bare minimum:

Email Subject Line: My OPPOSITION to Z145-300, Henderson Development

Email Body: I am a resident of the neighborhood adjacent to Henderson Avenue and I do NOT support this development because it adversely affects the entire Henderson corridor and defies the original vision and intention of PD 462.  Therefore I respectfully ask that you DENY this application.

Email Closing: End with your name and address

Spice it Up!

If you have a few extra minutes, then please add more specific reasons as to why you oppose. Feel free to reference this website and/or copy-paste any of the reasons we've stated here.

Attend the Hearing

There is no better way to voice your opposition than to attend the hearing in person. The Dallas City Council Hearing Date is Wednesday, March 28th at 1PM. 

Dallas City Hall

1500 Marilla St

Dallas, TX 75201

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/Qxtt4HUYK5y

Parking location across the street: https://goo.gl/maps/Vhvg1MXrM452

Once inside the building, ask a security guard for directions to the "Flag Room" or "Council Chambers."   Both are on the far west side of the building - Flag Room on the 6th floor and Council Chambers on the 5th floor (they are connected).