Careful Urban Planning will be Dismissed and Destroyed with a Single Precedent-setting Development

Planned District 462 (PD 462) is 1.1 miles and it was intentionally designed with the 1. Commercial - 2. Residential - 3. Commercial - 4. Residential - 5. Commercial pattern. It is a grave error to take this residential Subdistrict 4 as stand-alone land. Instead, it must be viewed in the bigger context that affects all of Henderson. 

When PD462 was created (which is the current zoning all along Henderson), an extensive land use study was done, a parking study, and several open meetings--the end result was a true compromise between the City, business and land owners and surrounding residents.  PD 462 was carefully crafted--here are the Purpose statements from its ordinance:

(1) Accommodate the existing mix of uses in the area. 

(2) Protect the internal and adjacent stable residential neighborhoods.

(3) Preserve and enhance the architectural and cultural significance of the area. 

(4) Strengthen neighborhood identity.

(5) Create a more desirable pedestrian environment.

There are residential sub-districts between commercial sub-districts.  The residential portions are low impact/low density multi-family (much less density/height/lot coverage than normal multi family due to the regulations in PD462)--these serve as buffers between the Henderson commercial and single family housing surrounding.  You can see these low impact residential apts or townhomes at the intersections along Henderson--Miller, Richard, Willis, Manett, Belmont.  Rezoning any of the residential to commercial WILL not only upset the delicate balance, but also set a precedent for more rezoning/requests for exceptions.

Act Now!

This land was intentionally designed to be a low-density, residential buffer zone that serves as a traffic relief valve for Henderson and the adjacent neighborhoods. If this land is re-zoned to commercial, then the resulting contiguous commercial strip is longer than Lower Greenville Avenue, thus traffic-choking the residents who are between Henderson and Greenville.